UK Employee Checks has access to the Ebulk service for their CRB checks via the Disclosure and Barring Service. Our ebulk application process means we can deliver  faster possible turnaround times for our criminal record checks. Using the Ebulk service means applications can be carried out totally online by employers via our website and turnaround times can be dramatically reduced from 4-6 weeks to possible results in 2-3 days*


Basic Disclosures and DBS checks (formerly known as CRB checks) are criminal record checks that have increasingly become a requirement for individuals who will be undertaking work in any of a number of employment sectors.

These checks exist in order to enable employers to make informed decisions on the individuals they recruit. This is especially important for employers who will be recruiting individuals to work with children or vulnerable adults as depending on an individual’s criminal record history they may be unsuitable for such positions.

Apart from positions involving work with these vulnerable groups, employers often still require criminal record checks for potential/current employees as all employers have the right to at least access an applicant’s unspent convictions (which is covered by a Basic Disclosure). When dealing with this information it is up to the employer to decide whether any of an applicant’s unspent convictions are relevant and may negate employment. Under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (see here for info) employers are able to request details of an applicant’s unspent convictions from the applicant themselves and will be able to check on these through a Basic Disclosure.

Standard DBS checks show details of both a candidate’s spent and unspent convictions. As the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 protects applicants from having to disclose details of spent cautions and convictions unless they are applying for a position that is exempt from the act, we recommend that employers wishing to obtain a Standard DBS for an applicant ensure that the position applied for allows for a Standard DBS – such positions include those involved in the legal system, licencing, health services, police, prisons or positions with financial control.




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*UK Employee Checks cannot guarantee their turnaround times but base all quoted turnaround times on results in recent history. Our turnaround times are accurate for over 85% of applications and are kept up to date in order to meet this level of accuracy.