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 Basic DBS Price: £51.80 


If you know which DBS Check  is right for you then you can complete our online application form below.

If you require more information on a Basic Disclosure and the process please click here 



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To process your criminal record check you will need to supply us with a full 5 year address history. You will also need to show proof of your current address which can be in the form of a utility bill which can be uploaded in the IDENTIFICATION section below.

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For UK Employee checks to process your criminal record check we will require you to supply us with a scanned copy of your
certified current passport or driving licence and proof of address. These can be uploaded in the section below and will be used in the processing of your application. You can skip this section but please be aware that we are not able to start your application until we have received all the information necessary. If you do not have a current passport or driving licence please contact us and we will inform you on what other documents we will accept.

Please confirm you have either included (Required)
 Certified Passport  Certified Drivers Licence Neither (Sending by post)

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Please upload a copy of your Certified Valid Passport or Certified Drivers Licence (Skip if necessary).

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 Official Certified document showing your current home address Sending by post

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I confirm that the information that I have provided in support of this application is
complete and true and understand that knowingly to make a false statement for this
purpose is a criminal offence.

I consent to UK Employee Checks checking the details I have provided in support of this application
in order to verify my identity and process this application.

We will need your acceptance for us to process your application (Required)

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Please check all the details you have supplied on this online application form as any errors may incur a service charge. Once happy please press Process my application and we will process your application once full payment is received. If the box is greyed out please make sure you have ticked both boxes at the top and bottom of the application form.

Once you process your application you will be directed to our payment page where you can make payment by credit /debit card.



If you are experiencing problems with submitting your application form and you are getting the message “processing” this  might be due to the fact that the files attached are too large. If this is the case please submit your application without attaching your documents. The documents can be supplied by email to  Please mark in the subject line of the email your full name so we can match your application to your supporting documents.

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