Employee Screening Free Trial

employee screening free trial


Employee Screening Free Trial


At UK Employee Checks we have confidence in our ability to screen applicants thoroughly and accurately in order to provide a satisfactory employee screening report on an individual that helps employers in making their recruitment decisions. As we feel our service speaks for itself we are pleased to offer a free trial of our background screening in order for you to assess whether or not the service is sufficient for your needs. Our offer is for one free screening to either one of the four pre-existing standards laid out on our screening packages page or a customised screening package containing up to six checks (see full list of our services page for all available checks). This trial offer is available completely free with no registration, payment  or commitment to sign up required, but your screening will not include a criminal record check as this carries a government fee which we do not cover as part of a free trial (should you wish to have a criminal record check included in your trial screening we would request that you provide £25.00 payment to cover the government fee for a Basic Disclosure).

To trial our service all that you need to do is fill out our free trial form below and this will be sent straight through to us. One of our team will then contact you and supply you with a blank vetting form which needs to be completed along with the applicant’s details (the form itself will outline exactly what details and documentation are required). If you have any further questions relating to the free trial of our services or any other query, please feel free to call us and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

(Please note that this offer is only available to companies and not to individuals wishing to screen themselves)

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