Employee Screening Packages

Specialised employee screening packages to a range of standards to suit your needs – Select one of the pre-determined screening standards or create your own.

employee screening


Pre-employment screening (PES) in recent years has become a vital element of the hiring process for a number of sectors. Many sectors such as banking, security and finance all generally have in place pre-determined set screening standards which are essential for new employees entering these sectors.

For more information on these set screening standards please see below or call us and we will be able to talk you through the different existing PES standards. It is important to ensure that your new employees are screened to your requirements, but these requirements may also be specific to your company, in which case we are able to provide a wide variety of different checks so that employers can have the maximum confidence that the applicants they will be hiring are suitable for their positions. If you would like to select which checks you would like included in your screening package and receive a quote for that screening package then please click here.

Below are some background screening packages we offer to meet set industry standards. Please click on the standard you require for further information on that screening package. The price for each screening package is highlighted clearly and the turnaround time for all our screening packages is ten working days. 


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