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Employee Screening


UK Employee Checks attempt to offer a wide range of  employee screening services to allow employers to feel secure in the knowledge that their employees and applicants are being screened sufficiently. Some of our background screening packages have been set out for you here although we are always willing to cater to clients’ screening requirements should they be more specific. A full list of the background checks and services that UK Employee Checks provides is set out below.

When negotiating a Service Level Agreement with a new client they will always have the option to select a pre-determined background screening package such as FSA Standard or BS7858 standard and add on any other individual  background checks, or if there is no specific employee screening standard that they require their employees to be screened to then they are able to construct an employee vetting package that suits them, picking from the list below only the checks that they feel are necessary. To select which checks you would like included in your screening package and receive a quote for that screening package then please click here.


Identity Checks

  • ID confirmation
  • Passport validation
  • Right to work check
  • Driving licence status check
  • Address verification
  • Electoral Roll Search
  • Undeclared addresses search
  • Directorship search
  • Character/professional references (x2)
  • Property ownership check

Financial checks

  • Bankruptcy/insolvency check
  • CCJ check
  • Credit score
  • Notices of correction check
  • FCA Register check
  • Sanction Search
  • Irish Negative searches
  • Anti Money Laundry Check

Education Checks

  • Verification of highest education
  • Verification of two highest education
  • Verification of all education (high school upwards)
  • Verification of professional qualifications
  • Verification of Professional memberships

Employment Checks

  • Six month employment history
  • Two years employment history
  • Five years employment history
  • Seven years employment history
  • Ten years employment history
  • Gap referencing

Criminal Record Checks

  • Basic Disclosure
  • Standard DBS check
  • Enhanced DBS check
  • International criminal records check