Terms and Conditions


Standard and Enhanced DBS checks are only available to applicants who will be working in particular occupations/working environments that are exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 and therefore require either a Standard or Enhanced DBS check (depending on the specific requirements of the occupation/working environment) to be carried out on the individual and have the evidence and results of that check later provided to the employer to confirm the individual’s suitability for the position. Individuals applying for Standard or Enhanced DBS checks are automatically joining the membership of UK Employee Checks Ltd and in confirming that they will be undertaking a position from our stated list of positions exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 they are permitting us to ask the applicant for details of any unspent or spent convictions. By applying for a Standard or Enhanced DBS the applicant should understand that details of all cautions, reprimands, spent and unspent convictions (i.e. the applicant’s entire criminal record history) will be stated on their DBS certificate. Details of any spent or unspent convictions will only ever be used in order to highlight any instances of possible unsuitability for the position applied for.

In completing a DBS application you are confirming that either you yourself are the applicant and the documents supplied are your own or that you are processing the application on behalf of the applicant who has given you their express permission to do so with their information and documents. You are also confirming that all information supplied is correct to the best of your knowledge. In any instance where this has not been the case the application will be treated as a matter of fraud. Every DBS application must contain the details of a person who is not a family member ideally an employer that has seen your identification documents and is able to confirm your identity.

In accordance with our Data Protection Policy no data or DBS information on individuals is held on record by UK Employee Checks for any period greater than six months with the exception of the names and contact details of our members who have processed their DBS checks through us. Individuals will remain on our member list for 12 months, which is the maximum amount of time we allow individuals to be members of UK Employee Checks without renewing their DBS check. After 12 months from your original DBS application we will prompt out members to renew their DBS. Should the individual not wish to renew their DBS check at this point they will be removed from our member list.

The turnaround times that we quote for DBS and Basic checks are estimated based on average turnaround times experienced over the last several months. These estimates will be kept as accurate and up to date as possible. We are unable to guarantee these turnaround times as they are based only on average results. DBS certificates are posted out to the applicant’s home address as stated on their application form. All applications received by 5pm that contain all the required information and supporting documents will be processed on the same day.

UK Employee Checks will not be held liable for loss of income or revenue, loss of business, loss of profits or contracts, loss of anticipated savings, loss of data loss. Upon processing applications UK Employee Checks will endeavour to process applications accurately but will not be held liable if applications are delayed due to inaccuracies on our behalf. If you change your mind for any reason after completing the application we will not be able to offer a refund. By clicking Process my application you agree to this as a condition.

Any application with incorrect or missing information/documents will be placed on hold and not processed while we attempt to contact the applicant for the required information/documents. Applications will be held for a maximum of ten days, at which point if UK Employee Checks have received no response from the applicant then the application will be cancelled and the fee will be refunded minus a £10.00 service charge. This ten day deadline can be extended in cases where an applicant has been in contact with UK Employee Checks to confirm that they are in the process of obtaining the outstanding information or documents.