Pre Employment Screening

pre employment screening


It is always important for employers to know that the information applicants have provided on their CVs is correct, as employers are often using this information to make a decision on whether or not to hire that particular applicant.

UK Employee Checks provides an employee vetting service whereby all information presented on a CV can be checked and verified. This can cover elements of or all of the following; employment reference checks (generally for 5 years of employment history but this can be adapted to suit your needs), educational history, professional qualifications and professional  memberships.

It is worth noting that these background checks and the employee vetting process in general should not be considered solely for potential employees. Vetting current employees can also help to ensure that individuals do not have anything that would count against them in terms of the positions they currently hold.

Employee checks such as bankruptcy, CCJ searches, Bank of England Sanction searches, media searches and other background checks (see our full list of services) can highlight any negative listings of information that may affect an individual’s suitability for certain positions. Criminal record checks (previously known as CRB checks) in particular have come to be seen as an essential part of all background vetting over the last few years, so our staff at UK Employee Checks have considerable experience in carrying out these background checks and we are able to provide Basic Disclosures as well as Standard DBS Checks and Enhanced DBS checks.

If you require a quote on our employee screening prices please visit our contact page. We have a full list of the various background checks which can be carried out and using our online form you can select  the checks that are applicable for your company and a member of our team will respond to you accordingly.