Criminal Record Checks

                         UK Employee Checks offer all three levels of DBS checks online (formerly known as CRB checks). 


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  A Basic Disclosure checks an individuals unspent convictions more commonly known as a CRB check.   A Basic online disclosure checks an individuals’ criminal record and results in a certificate providing details of an applicant’s unspent convictions. Under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 as outlined by the government this level of criminal record check is available to any individual or employers. This is the most commonly required level of criminal record check and should be the level you are requesting if the Standard and Enhanced requirements do not apply to you.

For our 3 step guide to getting your online DBS application underway in minutes either online or with a paper application form just click here to be taken to our Basic Disclosure page or call us on 01372 279 276 for more information. Lines are open from 9am to 5pm.


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Standard DBS checks show details of both a candidate’s unspent and spent convictions as well as any cautions received.  As the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974  protects applicants from having to disclose details of spent cautions and convictions unless they are applying for a position that is exempt from the act, we recommend that anyone wishing to obtain a Standard DBS ensures that the position applied for allows for a Standard DBS – such positions include those involved in the legal system, licencing, health services, police, prisons or positions with financial control.

For our  2 step guide to getting your Online DBS application underway in minutes either online or with a paper application form just click here to be taken to our Standard DBS page or call us on 01372 279 276 for more information. Lines are open from 9am to 5pm.



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Enhanced DBS checks are essential for applicants who will be working with children or vulnerable adults as depending on an individual’s criminal record history they may be unsuitable for such positions. An Enhanced DBS check covers both spent and unspent convictions, a Barred List check (which checks if an individual is on a list of people barred from working with children or vulnerable adults), as well as any other information that the police hold on the individual that they feel it is relevant to disclose.


For our 2 step guide to getting your Online DBS application underway in minutes either online or with a paper application form just click here to be taken to our Enhanced DBS page or call us on 01372 279 276 for more information. Lines are open from 9am to 5pm.    


                        Not sure what level of check is right for you? See our Disclosure guide page for more help.



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*Individuals who submit their Criminal Record Check applications through UK Employee Checks will become members of UK Employee Checks Ltd. Certification of applicants’ identity and ID documents is required for Standard and Enhanced DBS Checks to be processed.   For any further information on the DBS you can follow this link

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Pre Employment Screening

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It is always important for employers to know that the information applicants have provided on their CVs is correct, as employers are often using this information to make a decision on whether or not to hire that particular applicant.

UK Employee Checks provides an employee vetting service whereby all information presented on a CV can be checked and verified. This can cover elements of or all of the following; employment reference checks (generally for 5 years of employment history but this can be adapted to suit your needs), educational history, professional qualifications and professional  memberships.

It is worth noting that these background checks and the employee vetting process in general should not be considered solely for potential employees. Vetting current employees can also help to ensure that individuals do not have anything that would count against them in terms of the positions they currently hold.

Employee checks such as bankruptcy, CCJ searches, Bank of England Sanction searches, media searches and other background checks (see our full list of services) can highlight any negative listings of information that may affect an individual’s suitability for certain positions. Criminal record checks (previously known as CRB checks) in particular have come to be seen as an essential part of all background vetting over the last few years, so our staff at UK Employee Checks have considerable experience in carrying out these background checks and we are able to provide Basic Disclosures as well as Standard DBS Checks and Enhanced DBS checks.

If you require a quote on our employee screening prices please visit our contact page. We have a full list of the various background checks which can be carried out and using our online form you can select  the checks that are applicable for your company and a member of our team will respond to you accordingly.



Employee Screening Packages

Specialised employee screening packages to a range of standards to suit your needs – Select one of the pre-determined screening standards or create your own.

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Pre-employment screening (PES) in recent years has become a vital element of the hiring process for a number of sectors. Many sectors such as banking, security and finance all generally have in place pre-determined set screening standards which are essential for new employees entering these sectors.

For more information on these set screening standards please see below or call us and we will be able to talk you through the different existing PES standards. It is important to ensure that your new employees are screened to your requirements, but these requirements may also be specific to your company, in which case we are able to provide a wide variety of different checks so that employers can have the maximum confidence that the applicants they will be hiring are suitable for their positions. If you would like to select which checks you would like included in your screening package and receive a quote for that screening package then please click here.

Below are some background screening packages we offer to meet set industry standards. Please click on the standard you require for further information on that screening package. The price for each screening package is highlighted clearly and the turnaround time for all our screening packages is ten working days. 


BS7858            BPSS            FCA           PCI DSS            Airside Pass            CQC

UK Employee Checks is an employee screening company who specialise in Pre Employment Screening. We have a thorough knowledge and understanding of the background screening industry as well as the Disclosure & Barring Service (previously known as the Criminal Records Bureau). We are one of the fastest growing Pre employment screening providers in the UK offering innovative ideas to its ever increasing client database.

Our core team of experienced employee screening analysts and support staff have more than 40 years of experience in the employee screening and investigation industry dealing with a broad variety of clients that include law firms, technology companies, consultancies, investment firms, data centres, hospitals, schools and companies of all sizes. We are confident that we can meet whatever screening needs your company may have and possess the expertise to provide a fast, efficient and accurate employee screening service to you.

It is a principal of UK Employee Checks that we keep the prices of our background screening packages low and affordable so that both current and prospective clients are able to get the required level of background checks for all their staff without having to compromise on these requirements. Prices, information and a list of included checks for BS7858:2012 as well as BPSS and other prominent employment screening standards are available on our employee screening packages page

We pride ourselves on offering a friendly and approachable service and we will always be available to explain the background screening process, analyse specific employee screenings for you or update you on the status of all current employee screenings or DBS checks which are underway for your company. If you are looking at switching screening providers or  just simply would like to start to carry out Pre employment checks on your employees we are here to walk you through the process.